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Cluster Headaches vs. Migraines: Understanding Your Source of Woes

cluster headaches, migraines, migraine relief in Roswell GA

Are you struggling to tell the difference between migraines and cluster headaches? Do your headaches and accompanying symptoms hinder you from going out with friends or scheduling a long road trip? It’s time to get to know your condition better! This way, your symptoms don’t ruin your chances of having a worry-free day. Do read on to understand everything you need to experience lasting headache and migraine relief in Roswell GA.


Migraines vs. Cluster Headaches: Their Key Differences and Similarities

Migraines and cluster headaches are two of the most painful health concerns in the country. Thousands of people have these conditions but don’t know how to distinguish them from each other. This makes it incredibly difficult to find a suitable means to cope. Let’s help you have better insights into both migraines and cluster headaches with our list of facts:

  • Migraines usually cause pulsating pain, while cluster headaches trigger unilateral eye pain.
  • Cluster headaches usually last no more than 3 hours, while migraines can extend to 72 hours.
  • Patients with cluster headaches experience head pain several times a week and have brief periods of remission for a couple of weeks or months. Conversely, migraineurs may have chronic episodes triggered by things like bright lights, loud sounds, and dehydration.
  • Both conditions respond to some oral medications like triptans and NSAIDs. However, countless patients experience massive improvements in options for migraine relief, such as Specific Chiropractic Care.
  • Notably, migraines and cluster headaches can coincide. Studies found that 10 to 17 percent of people who experience cluster headaches also suffer from mild to severe migraines. 


How to Remedy the Pain You Experience: Best Sources of Headaches and Migraine Relief in GA

Thankfully, whether you have cluster or migraine headaches, you can rely on one pain relief option to cope better. This technique is no other than Specific Chiropractic Care, which focuses on getting to the bottom of your condition. If you haven’t explored this option yet, here are several questions you should ask yourself to determine if Specific Chiropractic Care is a good option you should pursue: 

  • Have you had a spine, neck, or head injuries in the past? 
  • Did you get knocked unconscious while in a moving vehicle? 
  • Do you experience additional symptoms besides your head pain, like vertigo, nerve pain, and tingling limbs? 
  • Have you explored other options to manage your migraines or cluster headaches but experienced little to no improvements in your symptoms?
  • Do you have usual signs of spinal misalignments like unlevelled legs, constant neck pain, and uneven shoulders and hips?

It’s a good idea to consider seeking a Specific Chiropractor like Drs. Gary and Caroline Fish for a quick assessment. Advanced imaging scans of your spinal column will reveal specific areas that might have been compromised by previous accidents or injuries that you suffered from.

cluster headaches, migraines, migraine relief in Roswell GA

Book Your Appointment with Drs. Gary and Caroline Fish for Lasting Migraine Relief 

Changes in your vertebral column can quickly happen, especially after a severe injury or long years of physical abuse. That’s because even the slightest force on your spine can lead to premature wear and tear of the tissues connecting your head to your vertebral bones. Unfortunately, this seemingly “simple” and “invisible” issue can lead to a plethora of recurring health problems like migraines and chronic headaches. 

Studies explain that health mishaps shortly follow spinal misalignments. Tiny changes in your spine can impede certain functions, like blood flow to your brain and nerve signal transmission. 

Left unresolved, your headaches and accompanying symptoms can potentially worsen, and you might even develop other concerning issues that will prevent you from enjoying things like staying out with your family for a lovely picnic at the park, exercising at the gym, going on a summer hiking, or singing your heart out at music fest. 

So, we strongly suggest booking a quick consultation with one of our Doctors of Chiropractic at Fish Family Chiropractic. It’s time to tap into a powerful and holistic path to healing the body.


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