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Spotting Pinched Nerves and Stopping the Pain

pinched nerves relief in Roswell

A pinched nerve can lead to extreme discomfort. Take it from the reports of patients actively pursuing pinched nerves relief in Roswell. It's something that can diminish your quality of life. But what exactly is a pinched nerve? 

Pinched nerves commonly occur when there is compression or irritation of a nerve or group of nerves. This can happen for several reasons, including injury, repetitive motion, obesity, poor posture, or even arthritis. Symptoms of a pinched nerve can include pain, numbness, weakness, or tingling in the affected area. If you suspect a pinched nerve, keep reading to learn how to quickly spot the signs and what you can do about it!

When you suspect pinched nerves, there's quite a list of possible reasons why it happened. It can range from a pulled muscle, torn cartilage, injury, arthritis, or a misalignment in your bones. These are just some conditions that you may associate your pain with. Whatever the cause, you must always keep in mind that you should not wait any longer, especially if it's been happening quite a few times already, as it may lead to irreparable damage.


Potential causes of pinched nerves

A pinched nerve is a compressed nerve commonly caused by pressure from surrounding tissues, bone spurs, or misalignment in certain body areas.

You will feel pain or discomfort whenever these tissues put excessive stress on your nerve roots, leading to direct or radiating pain. In addition, patients often feel numbness, weakness, or tingling in the affected part. When these symptoms occur, they can be debilitating. Moreover, they can even affect your mobility.

Pinched nerves can stem from the following:

#1. Injury or physical trauma

Some parts of your body, like your bones, can move, putting undue pressure on your nerves.

#2. Obesity

If you are dealing with obesity, the excess weight that your bones, joints, and muscles support can add more pressure to your nerves.

#3. Poor posture

Not many are aware, but poor posture and crossing your legs while sitting down or even when lying down in a single position for a long time may bring stress and pressure on your body, leading to a pinched nerve.

#4. Sporting activities 

These activities can be too straining and can cause injuries, inflammation, and swelling that can bring more pressure on your nerves.

#5. Rheumatoid arthritis (RA)

The swelling and deterioration caused by RA on the joints and bones can trigger compression in the spinal nerve roots.

#6. Stress from repetitive movement

Repetitive movements of your hand, wrist, or shoulder, especially during manual work, can increase your chance of developing pinched nerves.


Spotting a pinched nerve

When your nerve gets pressed, it experiences intense pressure that brings you pain. This pain can travel to the nerve roots and radiate further toward your arms or legs. In addition, conditions such as bone spurs which can affect your tendons, cartilage, and muscles, can also press on a nerve and disrupt its normal flow and function. When this happens, more symptoms can happen. 

It's best to be aware of known pinched nerves symptoms, such as: 

  • Constant severe pain
  • Numbness on your arms or legs
  • Decrease in sensation in your arms or legs
  • Sharp and burning pain or ache radiating outwards
  • Pricking or crawling sensation or paraesthesia
  • Pins and needles (paresthesia) in your arms or legs
  • Muscle weakness in the affected area


Unaddressed pinched nerves can get worse

If you cannot get pinched nerves relief in Roswell immediately, we encourage you not to wait any longer. A pinched nerve can lead to something severe when left ignored, especially if symptoms persist. You can develop chronic pain around the nerve or, in extreme cases, permanent nerve damage. In addition, pinched nerves can result in the following:

#1. Radiculopathy

This is when your spinal nerve gets affected, which leads to pain in your spine's lumbar, thoracic, and cervical regions.

#2. Sciatica

Commonly known for the debilitating pain felt in the lower back, which travels down to the toes. 

#3. Carpal tunnel syndrome

Also known as median nerve compression, your ligaments or tissues compress your carpal tunnel's nerves, bringing numbness or tingling in the affected wrist and hand.

pinched nerves relief in Roswell

How to get pinched nerves relief in Roswell

Considering that you are actively taking action to deal with you're pinched nerves, it shouldn't lead to anything worse. You can do some things at home to help manage the pain. But there may be some ways where you will need to consult with an expert for lasting relief. Here are some things you can try:

Alternate Ice and Heat Therapy

Applying ice for 20 minutes, followed by heat for 20 minutes several times daily, can help reduce swelling and inflammation around the nerve. 

Gentle stretching and exercise

You can try movements to strengthen the muscles around the affected area. These exercises can help alleviate some of the pressure on the nerve and reduce your symptoms. 


Sometimes, all we need is a little rest. For example, if you are dealing with pinched nerves in your back or neck, getting some rest or sleep helps you avoid more stress and pain in the affected parts and helps you recover and heal faster. In addition, some pinched nerve cases can naturally heal on their own from getting the body's much-needed appropriate rest.

Upper cervical chiropractic care

Pressure can be relieved from the nerve area through gentle chiropractic adjustments of the bones that contribute to your pinched nerves. This can restore the normal flow and function of the nerve. Chiropractic care may be proper for you if you are looking for long-lasting relief from painful pinched nerve symptoms.

It's not uncommon for patients to visit a chiropractor for pinched nerves relief in Roswell. Chiropractic doctors are skilled and certified to use different techniques to align your vertebrae which can eventually restore balance in your body. Once your bones return to their proper alignment, your affected nerve will start to heal.


Fish Family Chiropractic provides Specific Chiropractic Care

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